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Yoga Icon Wai Lana will help you find direction in your own yoga journey by lending her expert guidance and instruction on how the practice enhances your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Wai Lana is one of the most well-known yoga teachers in the world today. Watch one of her episodes and you will quickly understand why. Beautifully produced, the shows are shot on location from the world-famous coastlines of Hawaii and California to the spectacular red rock deserts of Sedona. The shows feature beautiful, relaxing sound-tracks of original music by Wai Lana.

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If your local station is not airing the Wai Lana Yoga Series contact your local public television station or call our toll-free number for contact information: 1-800-228-5145.

“It has been my life’s honor to teach the world for decades, to help others find their own path to inner peace.”

Wai Lana